Grand Total Films is a progressive film company committed to the production of top quality motion picture films that enhance and exceed the visions of their clientele.

The concept for Grand Total Films was brought to life by Lucky Lu (J.Mason,) the director and creative soul, His vision was to independently create cutting edge videos through employing an elite team of videographers, film editors, writers and artists. Together the Grand Total Films Team uses professional filming techniques, fueled by a passion for ground-breaking cinematography and digital effects.

Today, Grand Total Films is accelerating to make noise at grassroots and corporate levels. Grand Total has been Seen on the set of major artist like Big Krit, 2Chainz, 8Ball, MJG, T.I. and Yo Gotti. Grand Total Films is making its mark in the world of high quality film production.

For more information on Grand Total Films,

visit www.GrandtotalFilms.com,

Email to: Jmason@grandtotalfilms.com

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